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Online Casino Bonuses

There are many types of bonuses that you can enjoy on a online casino. And in this way it is actually possible to play for free and in the same way have the opportunity to make money. In this article, we will look into the various bonus schemes found at most casinos.

  Welcome Bonus

As you may know, most online casino offers special gifts, thank you for opening an account with them. This is what is usually called a welcome bonus. Think of this as a pack of gifts. In this package, or the bonus, you will find things like free spins, match bonus, as well as other benefits that may be beneficial to have. And it's because of these many bonuses that many players think it's profitable to open an account at several casinos.

Free Spins

Another type of bonus is the incredibly popular Free Spins. These are free rounds that you can play at a slot machine without having to pay for the rounds. There are two ways to play for free on slot machines. One of them is playing the free version of the slot machine, but another is playing free rounds, or free spins, in the actual main version of the game where you can actually win money. When you register your email at a casino you usually win a lot of free spins. You also get free spins in a typical welcome bonus when you register your name and open account, and some also provide additional free spins when you deposit money the first time.

Match Bonus

Match bonus is a part of the welcome pack, and as the name suggests, this is because the online casino "matches" exactly the amount of money you have deposited. For example, if you deposit $ 400, yes, most online casino will give you $ 400 on top of this. You can play these 400 crowns on a number of the games available at the casino. This implies a match bonus of one hundred percent. But be completely aware that a 100 percent bonus is not exactly the world's best bonus. Nowadays it's quite common to have bonuses that amount to at least the double of this. Yes, you read correctly. 200% is a regular bonus, so it goes without saying that you do not necessarily have to pay one hundred percent bonus.

Higher Bonus

Also, be aware that there is online casino that offers an even higher bonus than this. There are examples of casino that give up to 400% in bonus. This means that if you make a deposit of 400 kroner, you will receive 1600 kroner on top of this so you will be left with a total of 2,000 kroner that you can play for. It goes without saying that this is a great way to get to know a casino, especially if you already know that you would like to play for a couple of dog tags.

Reload Bonus

But wait a bit, because it does not stop there. Just like any casino gives a higher match bonus than others, there are also some casinos that give you bonus on other deposits than the first deposit! It may sound good to be true, but thanks to increased competition, we are seeing more and more of this. Reload bonus is called this phenomenon, and just study the casino soloists to see exactly which casino offers them. It goes without saying that it is more beneficial to choose a casino that has a reload bonus than one that does not have it.

Special Promotions

But you should also be aware that the vast majority of online casinos regularly come with a number of promotions. Anyone who has an account at the casino will receive these promotions, and if you have registered your e-mail address at a casino you will also be able to enjoy them. These may be special measures in connection with the seasons, eg. summer bonus or Christmas bonus. However, there may also be other actions initiated by the casino to stimulate increased activity. All in all, there is a lot to download completely for all of these bonuses. Many choose to play for free only, but be aware that there are many great opportunities to play for free even if you have opened a casino account!

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