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Types of Casino Bonuses

There are lots of different offers to download online, such as extra money to play for, free spins for slots, cashback at live casino and much more. Some casinos also hand out lots of competitions and moves on great prizes, such as bonuses, cash, travel and electrical gadgets.

Find The Casino With The Hottest Bonuses

Today there is a lot of fierce competition in the online gaming market. This means that both the old well-established gaming sites and new online casinos appear to compete to get the players attention, which is only positive for us players. One of the most effective ways they have to do is to offer a casino bonus that is attractive and generous. We will help you find the right casino to play by keeping up to date with the most relevant information. We visit and try new casinos while keeping an eye on those already available and thus we can provide you with objective reviews, where you can read about the best and most beneficial sites so that you find the best casino for you with the hottest bonuses.

Different Types of Casino Bonuses

There are a number of different types of bonuses and it's really worthwhile to spend some time reading what they mean and what the differences are between the different bonuses, to learn what type suits you best. Some of the different casino bonuses are more famous than the others and the ones we most often hear are the various casino casinos welcome bonuses, which is the main weapon used to attract customers. It is also often seen that many game sites offer free spins and these can be obtained in a variety of ways, either in connection with the welcome bonus or as a very own casino bonus. Sometimes you can also get a bonus without deposit, a bonus to recruit a friend, a cashback bonus or a VIP bonus. The bonuses are constantly evolving as competition between the casinos increases, so take a look below and learn more about the various casino bonuses offered right now.

A casino bonus can give you benefits that you otherwise do not get by just depositing your money and playing for them. First of all, you get more money in the game account than you would otherwise, and it allows you to play more spin on slots than you could otherwise, giving you more time trying to get home the big winnings. The casino bonus that gives you free spins also makes you win chances that do not require your own money to spin. One thing that you should always remember, though, is that the majority of types of bonuses have some form of turnover requirements, which we will discuss later on.

Casino Conus Without Deposit

A bonus we really like is the one you get without having to deposit a single crown on your account. It is usually called no deposit bonus and is a completely free casino bonus, which allows you to try the page without risk. Getting casino bonuses without deposit is very beneficial for those who play and consist for most of a low amount of money or a few free spins that you can avail of one or more slots. It usually involves one to two hundred or between 5 to 10 free spins. For example, you can get 10 free spins for free at Kaboo. All you have to do is register and activate your account at the casino, they are free to spin yours. All winnings from free spins are also completely free of sales on this awesome casino, so you can keep all your winnings!


When you come as a new player to a casino, you are usually offered a welcome bonus that is linked to one or more deposits and may mean you get free money, free spin on a video slot or a combination of these two. For example, at Casinoland you can earn $ 8,000 in bonus divided into your first four deposits, while Miami Dice gives you up to $ 35,000 in bonus plus 200 free spins over three deposits. Just this bonus is usually the one that the casino bet the most, so you can often get 100%, 200% or even more when you deposit money. If it's a 100% bonus, it means you can deposit 1000 kronor, get 1,000 kronor of the casino and thus have a total of 2,000 kronor to play for. A 200% bonus means you get even more, namely three times as much money to play as you entered.

Free Spins Bonus

Something we often see, both as a welcome bonus and for active players at a casino online, is the free spins bonus. It's simply free spin that you get at selected slot machines and they give you the chance to win money without having to make more efforts. It is not entirely unusual to see different online casinos offer all players free of charge when launching new slots, but they can also be an extra season for old favorite games. Spinson is perhaps the casino that offers the most free spins, as new players can get as many as 999 free spins!

Cash Back Bonus

When you play online for money, it may sometimes happen that you have a weak and simply lose instead of winning. Some sites then offer their players a kind of cashback refund that usually amounts to around 10% of the amount you lost. At a certain time, it is calculated if you made a net loss and you then get that percentage straight into the game account. At Spinson casino, for example, you often get 10% cashback at the live casino, and then the cashback is counted as real money without sales requirements. Let's say you played for $ 1,000, but did not win anything. After a certain amount of time, you will receive 10% of your loss, that is, 100 kronor, which means you will not lose as much as you first thought.

Bonus Codes

It was more common to see bonus codes, although some sites still use them. The purpose of using them is that they can be linked to a specific offer, so that you as a customer do not get a bonus by mistake. All players do not want bonuses and by requiring players to fill in a code, simply uncheck the bonuses simply by not filling in the code. Today, however, it is much more common for all bonuses to come automatically and that you need to actively remove them. The reason why many casinos do not use bonus codes today is that it was not uncommon for customer services that they got angry customers who wondered where their bonus took the road because they forgot to enter the code or typed the wrong code.

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