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How to Play 21 Blackjack

If you want to learn how to play Black Jack you've come to the right place. The goal of the game is to get 21 points with your cards, without exceeding the amount of 21. It is done by dragging cards until you reach 21.

Dressed Cards: Knits, ladies and kings are called everyone for dressed cards. You get 10 points each for these cards. Us: If you draw an ace, you can either count it as 1 or 11 points, depending on which one is preferable. Number cards: These cards are worth as much as the number as standing on the card.

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How To Win: To win in Black Jack you should get as close to 21 as possible without getting thick. You get fat when the total amount exceeds 21. Then you lose on the live.

Starting of the game: At a blackjack table 6 plays can play simultaneously. Like any gambling, an effort must be made immediately before the game begins. After the players have made their bet, the six or eight card games are mixed by the donor and placed in a box. The box is called a shoe.

One after another, the players get two cards each. The cards are handed out by the transducer upside down in front of the players on the table. Then the donor himself draws two cards where he / she places one card up, but the other is turned down. Each player takes a look at their cards and then can choose to draw more to reach 21 points. If the player chooses to draw a card and the total score exceeds 21, the player automatically loses. That's what's called to get fat.

When each player has drawn his cards, each of them will either have reached 21 points, scored exactly 21 points or become thick. Those who exceeded 21 points have lost and are not included in the round anymore, while the remaining players have to wait for the donor's turn.

If the donor has 17 points or higher, he / she must stay. However, if the donor's score is 16 or less, he / she must draw a card. If the sensor becomes thick, all players who have 21 points or less will win.

If the donor's score is higher than 17, and the game continues, the players will win the next 21. If a player gets 21 points with the first two cards, he / she has received blackjack. This is only possible by first dragging a card, or a tia, and then an ace. The player who gets blackjack wins automatically and earns 1 and a half times the winnings.

The times both the player and the donor receive a blackjack will end a draw and the player will get back his bet. The other players who have higher points than the point the donor has won the amount bet. Those who have a lower score than the donor loses their bet. Blackjack is a game that you can influence the odds that are not possible in many other casino games. Here you have 4 Tips to win more on Blackjack.

Other Game Options

If you want to learn how to play Black Jack, it's good to know a couple of tips:

Security: If the dealer's card is an ace, the players are allowed to make a bet, which means that a sum of up to half of their bet is taken before the dealer shows his downward card, and insists that the donor's hand becomes blackjack. If it turns out that the donor actually has blackjack, the player will win 2x that amount. On the other hand, the player loses his bet if the donor does not have blackjack.

For example, we can say that the player's hand is worth 20 points and he / she has won $ 100 on it. If the dealer's first card is an ace, the player is allowed to bet max 50 kr on the donor's hand is blackjack. When the donor has turned his downside card and it turns out that it's actually blackjack, the player will lose his own hand and the bet, and win his second bet with a 2: 1 win ratio, winning $ 100. In the end, the player has not won or lost anything at all.

Give up: A player can choose to give up and thereby lose half his bet but get back the other half.

Give up early: A player may choose to give up at an early stage of the round and then get back half of the bet. It is only allowed to do so if the donor has not looked for if he / she has blackjack and if the bank allows the player to do this move.

Give up late: It is very rare, but players can also give up at a late stage of the game, after the donor has turned both cards, and it is not blackjack, but before the donor continues to play his hand. Betting late is not allowed if the dealer's hand is blackjack.

Double: A player may choose to double his bet immediately after he / she has received his / her two cards. Under the rules, the player may only draw a card after choosing to double. It is also a must for the player to draw a card so that you can not make a doubling if you have already received blackjack. In that case the hand would become thick. It's a smart move if the player got strong cards.

Split: If you get two cards of the same value, you have the choice to split your hand and play separately. This is done by placing an equal amount of effort on the new hand and then they play both hands as usual.

As an example, we can say that the player gets two 9's at the beginning and thus has the ability to split the cards and play with each 9th. The player retains one of the nines and passes the other to the donor and makes an effort on the second 9th. The dealer then delivers a card to the player's first hand and then the game continues as usual. When the player is satisfied with his or her first hand, or become fat, he / she continues to play his other hand in the same way after the dealer has handed out a second card to that hand.

Hard hand: An ace can, as mentioned before, count as both 1 or 11 points. A player who does not have an ace on his hand has a so-called hard hand because the hand has a certain value. On the other hand, if a player has an ace on his hand, but the essence of the score can only count as a 1st, and not like 11, in order not to get thick, it is also called a tough hand because the value is also is definite.

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