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Royal Vegas Casino

Since 2012, website administrators of hackers have broken into someone else's websites. These hackers completely destroy websites of schools, disabled institutions and small and medium-sized businesses in order to spam casino advertisements. How are these hackers paid? By casinos that knowingly pay for these ads. They are aware of the entire hacker problem and continue despite various warnings. This is one of the casinos that has chosen to allow others to break into websites in order to spam ads. The hackers are now in the sight of the FBI, are also suspected of large-scale hacks at financial institutions and banks, they have seized all their possessions and will soon be extradited to the United States. A large number of casinos involving these hackers have already fallen. Consequence: all players have lost their money. The expectation is that all other casinos involving these hackers will soon be dropped and players will no longer pay out. Our goal: to look critically at whether Royal Vegas can release the "Vegas-feeling" or the customer service "Royal "Is like the bonuses and to see if Royal Vegas is reliable. Royal Vegas is owned by the same owner as Vegas Palms and 7 Sultans Casino.

Bonuses Royal Vegas

Good news for Dutch players: Royal Vegas offers more than 50 fast and secure payment methods, including the Paysafecard, Paypal and various web wallets. Payment can be quick, simple and reliable, so you can easily benefit from the generous welcome bonus that Royal Vegas has prepared for you. This bonus amounts to a maximum of € 1,200 and consists of the so-called three-stage rocket: bonuses for your first three deposits. You will immediately receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit, a maximum of € 250. On your 2nd deposit a bonus of 25%, a maximum of € 200 and on your 3rd deposit a bonus of 50%, a maximum of € 750. For example, if you three times € 50 deposit, you receive € 87.50 bonus. If you suddenly deposit € 150, you will receive € 150 bonus. Determine well in advance how much you want to play and thus profit optimally from the first 100% deposit bonus.

To get the full € 1,200 welcome bonus you must deposit € 250, € 800 and € 1,500 within 7 days. So in total € 2,550. Most players will not deposit such an amount within 7 days, so € 1,200 sounds nicer than it usually will be in practice.Extra bonuses are available when you deposit via webwallets.Via Neteller you get for example 10% extra bonus through the unique bonus code "Neteller100". If you have Neteller or another web wallet, then this 10% extra on top of the 100% welcome bonus that you already received, nicely included. The Royal Vegas loyalty program is not very interesting. Like many online casinos, you have to play a lot before you have saved a number of points that you can use to save money. More interesting are the "Promotions" that are available every month. During these promotions you can win fully catered holidays, extra bonuses and for example a Porsche. There is another action every month. Standard ingredients are: many prices, prices with a high value and original prices.

Is Royal Vegas Casino Reliable?

Royal Vegas meets the conditions for having a Maltese online casino license and these conditions are among the most stringent in the world. The bottom line is that independent tests have shown that the games are fair. that Royal Vegas pays winnings to players quickly and that the management of this online casino has a blank criminal record. If you do not find out or have any questions, a professional helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are plenty of ways to contact the Royal Vegas help desk. E-mail, telephone and live chat are the usual ways. Whatsapp and Skype are the cherries on the Royal Vegas customer-friendliness cake.

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