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Slots Bonus

When a new casino is launched, it's the slot bonus that most casino players immediately start looking for. The idea of ??the bonus or the bonus package - if the offer extends over multiple deposits, is giving something extra to new players. It's a carrot to make you choose to start playing slots right at this casino.

As slot games like the casino pages in their portfolio come from the same providers, it's always easier to get a great bonus offer on your favorite game at a new casino than at any one of the old ones. New online casinos act portal to the best slots on which are often made by NetEnt, Quickspin, Nextgen or Microgaming. Why, then, do not change the page and get a slot bonus on the purchase?

Different Slot Bonuses

There are a variety of slots bonuses that the player can get. Some of them also offer the opportunity to play other casino games and game products such as odds, bingo, poker and scratch cards, while others are only available for slot games. In this article we exclusively write about the bonus of slots.

You can divide these offers into four main categories of Slots Bonus:

Welcome Offer With Bonus

Slots is by far the most popular casino product at the time of writing. It has led to the fact that just all casinos on the net without, possibly, the new Codeta that focus on table games, focuses on slots in their welcome offers. Nowadays, it is common for a welcome pack where you get bonus slots on multiple deposits.

Most often you get a real bonus on your first deposit. Thereafter, bonus rate decreases slightly for one to three deposits that follow. The last bonus in the package is usually slightly larger. Sometimes the amount you can get in bonus on this deposit exceeds your prize bonus. Note that some online casinos still run with only one deposit bonus.

Free Slots on Slots

In addition to the slots bonus, you will also receive a free snapshot in your welcome pack. The most generous casinos give away some spin already on the registration. Then you continue to get extra free spins for each deposit you make until you finish your welcome offer. Sometimes your freezes are credited at once after the deposit has been completed, sometimes it takes a few hours until they affect your game account.

Slot Bonus Promotions

After you have finished playing your slots welcome bonus, you are automatically included in the active player segment. This allows you to count on more slot bonus campaigns within the next few weeks. How much you get in bonuses and how "nice" revenue requirements are all depends on how generously and seriously the online casino is.

Good casinos offer promotions with slots bonuses a couple of times a week. The best thing is if you have access to the casino schedule or calendar. If so, you know exactly what's going on week after week. Such weekly promotions tend to be open to all depositing players, which is if you have already received your welcome offer.

Cashback on Slots

This type of slot bonus has become quite popular lately. Cashback is translated from English as "money back" and that's exactly what you get. Most often you get a certain percentage of your possible slots in your account. The money is given you the following day. They are handed out in the form of real money, but some online casinos may be crediting bonus money instead.

Loyalty Bonuses

There is another type of slot bonus that you can get if you are active and play a part at the casino in question. The goal of loyalty bonus is to make you stay and play more to qualify for the bonus. We at online slots feel that we need to point out that it's not smart to play slots just to get this bonus. See it as an extra fun item that extends your slot experience, but try to avoid chasing bonuses just for extra money.

Get The Bonus of Slots

In addition to the above bonus types, you can also categorize slot bonuses based on activation requirements, that is, what you need to do to get your bonus on slots. Note that in this article we only list the most common requirements. There may be more requirements that trigger the slot bonus set by the casinos such as, for example, the amount of spin or amount of money you have bet on a particular slot machine.

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