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The Most Popular Card Games Which You Can Play at an Online Casino

If you love to play cards then the best play where you can go to get your kicks is to a high rolling online casino such as www.novibet.co.uk where there are a huge range of casino card games for you to enjoy. Playing online just offers so many more benefits than playing in a real casino, none more so than the fact that you can quite easily play from the comfort of your own bed, or wherever you happen to be! Card games have long been one of the most popular in the casino and here are some of the most common which you’ll find when you hit an online casino.


Baccarat is most famous because it was the favorite game of James Bond, with many players hoping that they will have the same luck as 007 himself. Baccarat is a very basic game where you play against the dealer and the only decision which you need to gamble on is whether they will have the best hand, you will have the best hand or if it will be a tie, get it right and you could be the one taking your winnings home at the end of the night.


War is a game which is played in high schools across the country and it is also a very common casino game. This is arguably the most simple card game out there and the winner comes down to who, between the dealer and yourself, will have the card with the highest value after the flop. Odds are paid at 2/1 and you can go as big as you wish, assuming that you have the stomach and the luck to see it through. War has grown in popularity online thanks to its simplicity and enjoyment factor.


For as long as poker has existed it has been a favorite of card players and this tricky game of strategy and patience has grown into arguably the most played casino game out there. The current version which is most popular is that of Hold ‘em and you can play this and other forms of poker across the internet. Online poker rooms feature thousands of players from all over the world with a variety of styles and plenty of money up for grabs.


Blackjack appears like a simple game, and it can be for some, but scratch beneath the surface and there really is a lot more going on than just a simple card game between dealer and player. If you play Blackjack online you will find the overall experience far more enjoyable than at a traditional casino and the digital version makes playing far more exciting. Most online casinos offer 2/1 on Blackjack hands and the house edge is significantly lower than when you play in a real casino.

If you love cards then an online casino is certainly the place to go to make some money!

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