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Casino Game - Keno

When was the last time you took off to a casino? Rather, how long has it been since you played the lottery. There is so much excitement around with many favorite games emerging. They are not all new, but simply becoming remarkably popular and are now recognized as favorite casino games and consumer friendly lotteries.

Get out and play some Keno! It is a bingo card game as well as a lottery that has been around for centuries and has become one of the most played public bingo and lottery games. Best real money online casinos all over the world play Keno and, as a lottery, it is widely distributed with easy access to the public. Traditionally, even though the word Keno has French and Latin linguistic derivatives, it is known to be a Chinese lottery from where it was originally played. There is significant evidence to prove that as a lottery Keno, which is played in China under the name boc hop bu, has been instrumental in providing economic support to many organizations in China for hundreds of years.

Characteristically, the lottery idea emerged from a social need for funding that would be supportive of social services. Each time Keno was played the profits were distributed to finance special projects in the community. This lottery culture still exists today in our contemporary world.

As the lottery or bingo game played in casinos today, Keno is referred to as gambling. This aspect of the game involves an enclosed circular glass ball called the ‘buddle’ with 80 balls which are responsible for the ball draw part of the us online casino game.


Each ball is numbered from 1-80. Before the game commences three attendants are assigned to supervise each step of the game and the potential wins. They are the ‘blower,’ the ‘caller ‘and the ‘verifier’. Each attendant has a unique role.

Usually, the game begins by the blower pushing air into the glass bubble mixing it with the balls and applying rotational pressure. The caller then presses a lever and lifts each ball into the V shaped ‘rabbit ears’. Both caller and verifier co-relate the count of balls arriving in the rabbit ears.

Balls of twenty are further programmed into wagers which eventually determine the wins and subsequent payment for each winner. Each casino has legal privileges to set their own pay table rates for winners.


Keno can be played independently at a casino or as part of a national lottery game with drawings similar to that which is conducted at a casino. The major difference with it being played at a casino and nationally is that the original idea of a social service support funding mechanism is bypassed in a casino environment. All profits in this case are shared between casino owners and the winners of each draw.

Alternatively, at the national level, state entities and winners share in the profits. In some cases, lottery outlets have a very small benefit from being retailers of tickets. However, regardless of the way the game it played; it can be considered an income generation endeavor which is vital to a society’s economic stability.

Keno experts have however, identified some odds in the game to project that when payouts are based on numbers, the probability of a player hitting 20 numbers on a 20 spot is merely 1 in 3,000. This is where the real money winning possibility lies, but the probability of achieving it is poor.

Conclusively, casinos function as viable economic institutions. They carefully balance the daily budget of many individuals, corporations, businesses and underprivileged people within the social structure. Therefore, it is highly functional as a non-governmental social service. Keno as a game makes a vital overall contribution.

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